Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kindergarten Update

This post is a long time in coming but here it is.

Robbie started his new school on the Thursday (September 16th), the night before was Meet the Teacher night which we went to.  Robbie met his new teacher and the Educational Assistant for his class.  Both women were friendly and inviting to Robbie.  Even earlier on the 15th when I had talked to the Principal I had a good feeling about the school.  Robbie is happy and doing well.  He enjoys school and is the only student in his class reading on his own!

We received a phone call from the Principal of the old school after she read the email sent to the School Board Trustee (who forwarded the email to the Superintendent).  The Principal had no idea that there had been no communication between us and the teacher.  She was very upset about this and had a meeting with both the VP and the teacher involved.  She also had a meeting with all the staff letting them know that this is not to happen again!  She apologized that Robbie had such a bad start to school.  Sean feels a little guilty thinking that if we had asked to speak to the Principal about everything that Robbie could have stayed in the program.  I think that it is good that we pulled him when we did.  It would have been a hostile environment and I would not want that for Robbie.

Robbie loves his class and knows lots of the kids.  I am on the Parents Activity Committee as Vice-Chair and part of the Parents' Society as Vice-Chair.  The school is 2 blocks away and we are happy how things turned out.