Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in Review - Goals

Reviewing my goals from 2011:

1. Taken from 2010 (and this time do it), use Listerine every time I brush, I have gingivitis and it needs to go away!
I did a lot better on this one...still not perfect but I am changing habits!
2. Move more.  Whether walking, using the Wii Fit or swimming I need to get moving.  My weight is slowly going down and if I exercise more 
I did more moving.  I have had a lot of down times but I am making progress.  I have a rec center membership through to September so I have no excuses.
3. Drink more water!  We are not buying pop (unless I am really sick like last weekend), we buy some juice but pretty much everything at home is water!  I am trying to just have water at work as well.
Definitely doing better on this one.  Due to stomach issues I have been drinking A LOT of gingerale but I am drinking lots of water too.
4. Spend more time with Robbie.  With getting home from work so late it is hard to spend much time with Robbie during the week (besides bedtime stories).  I need to find time to spend some mommy time with my big little boy.
A change in jobs helped this one!  We spend time together snuggling and talking every morning and then I take him to school.
5. Cleaning the house.  I need to find a routine that works for me so that I do not feel our house is a disaster all the time
Well...the house is not a disaster, more organized but it needs to be cleaned more often. We are setting up a schedule of who does what and when.  That should help a lot.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


I am going to sound like a spoiled brat but I am going to say this anyway.  I HATE CHRISTMAS!!!  I try so hard to make it a special day.  I try to forget the pain of past Christmases where my dad and step-mother made it clear to me that I was in the way.  Starting at about 16 I would get one present and get to sit there and watch dad, Edith and Gord open a bunch of presents.  My sister Grace used to try and make up for it but knowing your "parents" think you are a bother a few presents don't make up for anything.

This Christmas again sucked for me.  Robbie loved his presents so at least that was good.  I spend so much time picking and wrapping presents for Sean and I am usually disappointed - just as I am this year.  Sean bought me Glee season 2 which I did want and then a trench coat.  Not just any trench coat but a "techie" one with a bunch of pockets for all your gadgets.  I hated it, and it is about 2 sizes too small.  Sean suggested that we go shopping tomorrow for a new gift.  I hate shopping and boxing day is awful to shop on, and picking my own present....why should I bother.

I spent the day crying, not that is unusual but I would rather not spend my Christmas crying my eyes out.  Unfortunately I do that almost every year.  I thought this year might be different, we finally have money again and so I was hopeful.  I should give up on hope.

With all our marital issues lately I thought that Sean might actually outdo himself.  Yes, we have a budget but I went way over budget so that I could get him a new wedding band.  I made sure everything that I bought he would like if not love....

Yes, I am a spoiled brat....  and I still hate Christmas.