Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kidney Problems

I had a bad kidney infection that took a long time to go away. The doctors' thought it might be kidney stones but after a CAT scan there was nothing to be seen. I am still having some pain, not too bad though.

I am now up to 14 lbs lost, being sick helped.

Sean took Robbie to see "Bob the Builder" at the mall. Robbie loved it, Sean hated it, am I surprised...

Waiting for Bob to start

Playing on the Bob ride

Robbie is getting so big.

Having brunch with daddy.

Every time finds a phone he has to talk on it... it works great for when telemarketers call.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Windy Wednesday

Today was very windy, at times I wondered if I was going to blow away. I had a doctor appointment so I took the car and parked at the bus terminal to go to work. When Sean took Robbie to daycare this morning Robbie was watching the wind blow things around, then he noticed the car was missing.

Robbie's comment....."wind blow car away"

Sean did explain that mommy took the car to work but we both had a good laugh.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back in time

This week I have found myself reliving the past. A young father that I knew passed away. His death was fairly sudden and he left two young daughters, the oldest being three. Mike's death has hit me hard and I couldn't figure out why. I was not close to Mike or Nancy, I know them from church, enough to say "hi". Today I finally knew why I was having such a hard time. Mike was 26, my sister, Edith, died just before she turned 30; both left young families. Edith's death had a profound effect on my life, while her passing is far enough in the past that I don't think of it every day it still hurts to know that she is gone. I wonder how her children would have turned out if she had lived - not that they are bad kids, they are great kids. I just feel sad that they had to grow up without their mother's guidance. My brother-in-law did remarry but I grew up with a step-mother and it is just not the same. I wonder about the changes in my life if my sister had lived. Edith was my positive influence and my rock. I can't change the past but I do live with a lot of "what ifs".