Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our 10th Anniversary

I am a little late posting this....

Our tenth wedding anniversary was on April 27, 2012.  As we did not have a honeymoon we decided that we were going to do something "big".  With money and Robbie being an issue we could not really take a trip so we decided to get a room at the Fantasyland hotel at the West Edmonton Mall for the weekend.  It was kind of fitting as we wanted to go there on our wedding night and the one honeymoon day we had we spent at the waterpark there.

Sean described our weekend as follows: sex, eat, walk, sex, eat, sex, walk, eat....

How the weekend really went (and no I am not telling how many times we really did have sex nor I am I even going to mention when we had sex):

We took Robbie to a friend's house to spend the weekend and then headed to the West Ed.  We checked in and I took some pictures of our theme room (we had the Hollywood Room but I think it would be better called the sex room - stripper pole, tantra sex chair....)

Tantra sex chair

King-size bed that was so high I needed help getting in and out! 
The lights could change colours.

Hot tub for 2

Sean reading the room service menu.

The see-through shower - if you were not careful you could see someone using the toilet in the mirror.

Stripper pole!  The lights changed colour here too

Our first night we went to Tony Roma's for supper.  We went to Tony Roma's with both families after the wedding stuff was over so we try to get there every year on our anniversary.  No one took a picture of me in a rib bib and my wedding dress back then and I left my camera in the room so no pictures this night either.  Dinner was yummy and then we walked the mall.

I had meant to bring some sparkling apple cider for us to toast our anniversary but I forgot :(  We went to London Drug's and they had mini bottles!  Woot!  We bought the two they had in the cooler and their were champagne glasses in our room so I was saved.  The hot tub for 2 was fun but took a LONG time to fill :(

In the morning we went to the breakfast buffet, Sean was not too impressed but I liked it.  We wandered the mall and took lots of naps.  Due to some health issues I was having the waterpark was off limits.  We thought about going to a movie but never did get around to it.

For lunch we went to the Delux Burger Bar.  The food was yummy and we both enjoyed watching the baby girl in the seats next to ours.  It brought back lots of wonder memories of when Robbie was a baby.  At the end of the meal they brought us candy floss!  Just what we needed but I still ate a bit.  We went for another walk - at least we were burning all those calories we were eating!

We went to Galaxyland (the amusement park) and got a caricature photo done.  It is amazing how fast the guy did the picture.  So here is our 10th anniversary photo :D  I love it!  Especially as it looks as if Sean is checking out his hot wife :D

We had a nap and slept too late. We had planned on going somewhere fancy for supper but decided after the nap just to go wherever we could.  Bourbon Street was crazy busy!  Because our nap was so late trying to find somewhere to eat was hard.  We finally went to Hudson's.  It was too early for the bar crowd so we got seats right away.  The food was great and when the waitress asked if we were staying at the hotel we said it was our 10th anniversary - she was shocked that we were married that long and congratulated us.  On our bill she wished us a happy anniversary.  It was so nice to hear that.

We went back to the room.  I tried to do a stripper dance but was laughing too hard!  It was still fun.  We both did a little reading from books we had bought that day.  Can you believe that I didn't take ANY books with me, not even my ereader :o  We were exhausted from all the walking - we figured that we walked the entire mall (both floors) 4 times over the weekend!  Considering how big the mall is that was a lot of walking.

In the morning it was time to leave.  We packed up and checked out of our room and then went for breakfast.  As Sean did not like the buffet we went to Jungle Jims.  The food was good and then we left for home.  We picked up Robbie who had a great time playing and having a sleepover.  

Now we have to start saving for our 25th wedding anniversary...what should we do then?  Maybe a cruise? or a trip to Europe?  Australia?  Guess we will see in 15 years!