Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Dance

I was offered the position on the spot! I go in tomorrow for some paperwork, credit check etc. Once all the paperwork is cleared then I start, probably September 8-9th. Yeah me!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Job Interview

Tomorrow I have a job interview with TD CanadaTrust. It is for a credit administration officer. Working for a bank is so different from doing tech work, I would be happy for the change. Robbie is sick, we kept him home from daycare with a fever. Poor little guy. We are waiting for a guy to come and light the pilot light on the furnace, our land lady is a bit of a dip and turned it off. It is pretty bad that we need the furnace already but fall weather has set in.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday. I had a fairly quiet relaxing day. Sean bought me a digital photo frame which was nice. He loaded a bunch of pictures on it for me. Right now it is in our bedroom, it will probably stay there for now. Joyce came to spend more nana-time with Robbie so we could go out to supper alone. We went to Tony Roma's, it had been a year since we were there. We had a great meal and then we stopped to buy some birthday cake which Robbie had been asking for all day!

One more year and I will be 40.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We made it! We decided not to stay in Wainwright after visiting with Tammy. We drove straight to Edmonton. As Joyce was still away for the family reunion we stayed in a hotel. The hotel had no pool so Sean and Robbie went to the waterpark while mommy tried to sleep. Not long after they left Joyce called and convinced mommy to check out early and go to her house.

We spent 5 nights with Joyce while waiting for our stuff to arrive. We received notification that our stuff would be dropped off on Sunday between 2-6pm. The truck arrived at 4:30 and 2 hours later everything was done. I quickly made up the beds and we went and picked up Robbie. Our first night in our new home! It was nice to be away from Joyce and in our own place.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Half-way through the journey! Wooo Hooo! It was nice spending time with Aunt Viola and seeing my cousins again. Robbie went and played with Jennifer right away. There was a motorcycle toy that Robbie played with for hours. We had dinner with the family and went back to the hotel.

The trip has been hard on all of us. The hotel we are staying at looks like a dive, the room is small BUT there is an awesome pool/waterpark! Robbie has had a blast playing on the waterslide with Sean.

Saturday night Uncle Doug came home from work and then came to visit with us. Robbie had so much fun with Uncle Santa. Robbie's laughter was so funny, he was pretty excited. We were worried that he would be hard to put down to sleep but it was not too bad.

Uncle Doug, Robbie, Aunt Viola

Uncle Doug and Robbie

Sunday morning we met everyone for breakfast and then headed on our way. The driving is halfway over but no more plans for two days somewhere. The breaks havent been too relaxing for any of us.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thunder Bay

Our stay in Thunder Bay was nice. We went to the Terry Fox Memorial. It was really nice. I enjoyed seeing it. I took pictures of Robbie and I with the statue. It is amazing to realize how much Terry Fox has impacted our lives, all he wanted was $1 from every Canadian for cancer research, 28 years later what a legacy.

We went to Fort William. It was nice but so buggy. We were swarmed by mosquitoes and when we left we all had lots of bug bites around our ankles.

The Sleeping Giant


All by himself

Terry Fox

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Today we spent the day with my friend Kelly and her family. We went to Bell Park and played on the playground and then the boys spent some time digging in the sand on the beach. Robbie was brave and even went into the water a bit. Sean had to go and rescue him before he went too far out. We then went for lunch at 2pm. After lunch we came back to the hotel for a nap (me) and swimming (Sean and Robbie). I really needed the nap! After supper Sean got Robbie ready for bed and then he went to play with his DS while I got Robbie to sleep. Robbie finally went to sleep at 9:15, which is the earliest he has gone down!

Tomorrow, after breaky and checking out of the hotel we leave for Sault Ste. Marie. It will be about a 4 hour drive, which is long enough for me.

I do need to make better food choices.... I dont want to gain weight while moving...