Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome Madison Jean

Welcome to the family little one. My newest great niece has arrived! Madison Jean was born this morning at about 6:30am. She weighed 6lbs, 4oz and was 19". Madison arrived after about 4 hours of labour. Kira and baby are doing great. I cant wait to see pictures of this little one. Each baby is so special. I am pleased that Kira and Dan honoured my sister Edith by using her middle name. I miss Edith so much but at times like this I feel her close.

Work Again

So, I have now finished my 3 weeks of part-time and go full-time on monday. I am not totally thrilled with my hours 10-6 but I cant complain too much. If I drive to Bonnie Doon mall then I am home around 6:30 and Sean has dinner ready for me.

I really need to work on exercising as I want to start trying for another baby. Sean said that I have to be exercising in order for him to agree to another child.

Sean will be starting at Nait in a few weeks. I am really excited for him. It will be a tough two years financially but we will get through it. Luckily if I do get pregnant the bank tops up my salary. We will also qualify for daycare subsidy again so that will help with expenses.

Right now I am waiting to hear that Kira has had her baby girl. I cant wait to hear her name. I really want to go to Utah and see them all. I havent been to Utah since Edith died 18 years ago. I have met up with one of Edith's old friends on Facebook. It is nice to talk to someone about my sister.