Thursday, November 21, 2013

Good mom? Bad mom?

I want to start this post with a link to this article Are you a good mom?

I have been feeling like a very bad mom lately.  My depression and BPD have been hard and making me doubt myself.  There are so many things I don't do, I get frustrated with Robbie, I yell at him, but I am doing something right.  Robbie knows I love him more then anything in the world.  My kisses and hugs are still magical and can fix any hurt.

The other night Robbie was playing a video game and stopped to tell me "you are the best mommy I could ever have".  That made me tear up.  The one person's whose opinion really matters if i am a good mom or a bad mom thinks I am the best mom.

I was the over-achiever mom earlier this week.  I found out that Robbie was to be the Inn Keeper for the Ward Christmas Celebration.  We had nothing appropriate for him and so I sewed him a costume.  I am doing a lot more sewing lately and finding some peace in seeing the beautiful things I make so I am not going to feel bad about the costume.  I am going to enjoy my little boy playing in the Nativity.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Shortbread Cookies

A friend gave me this recipe last Christmas.  In an effort not to lose it I am posting it here.

1 lb. butter, softened 1 1/2 cups icing sugar Mix above ingredients
1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp vanilla 4 cups flour (3 in mix, 1/2 cup added while kneading, 1/2 cup on flour board)
Mix in all other ingredients & knead. Roll out flat (1/4 inch thick) Cut with round cookie cutter. Press 1/4 Maraschino cherry into center.
Bake at 350 degrees til very lightly browned. (about 12 minutes)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Hospital and a Diagnosis

I am not proud to say that on September 14th I took an overdose of medications.  I had gone to the hospital on August 19-20 when I was feeling suicidal.  Even though I tried to get help it was not soon enough.  I had told a therapist that I was suicidal and their response was "so what".  That was very wrong and the therapist was mandated by law to report that I was suicidal and get me help.  She did not.  We tried calling the office, the best they could do was give me an appointment with someone else the next day, not soon enough.  Again they were mandated by law to report me.  They did not.  We called the crisis team, again no help.  With all that I sent Sean and Robbie on their way.  After some time I wrote a suicide note and then started swallowing pills.  My intention was to take 3 different types of pills but after I finished the new bottle of my anti-anxiety medication I could not open the other medications.  I fell asleep.  Sean had to call an ambulance when he got home.

I don't remember anything from the time I fell asleep until the next afternoon.  I was in the hallway at Grey Nuns hospital and our new Bishop and our Relief Society President were there.  I remember we talked about Robbie and what to do with him.  Our home teacher Mike Potter took Robbie in and helped with childcare while I was in the hospital.

The first weekend I had a day pass.  Before I left I saw the weekend psychiatrist.  She asked me if I though I had Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).  I told her that another psychiatrist had suggested it around the time of my dad's death.  She had me read some of "I Hate You, Don't Leave Me" which I had a copy of at home.  The next day when she saw me again she asked what did I think.  I knew just reading the first few pages that I had BPD.  She formally diagnosed me with BPD.

I finally left the hospital on September 26th.  It was hard being in there.  I could not have my cell phone or ereader.  The hospital was hard on Robbie so I did not see a lot of him.  There were days that I did not see Sean.  The end result is that I am unable to work, and may never be able to work full-time again.  I have applied for CPP-Disability and hopefully that will kick in soon.

My body has been slowly adjusting to my meds and I am getting the help I need.  I am seeing a therapist, a psychiatrist and will be starting a group therapy program in January.  I hate that I had to have an overdose to get the help I needed but am grateful for the help I am finally receiving.

Long Time, Lots to Catch Up On

It has been a long time since I have posted.  Mostly because every time I open my blog I was reminded that all my parents but my step-mother is gone.  It has been a rough year.  So here is what happened since April.

Robbie turns 8

Robbie had his 8th birthday party at home and at Sakaw park.  It was his choice.  He chose a Lego theme and I endeavoured to make a Lego brick cake.

First the presents from us.  Normally we make Robbie wait until the actual day of his birthday to open his gifts but this year we allowed him to open the gifts early.

Birthday party fun.

Robbie gets to choose a place to go to dinner on his birthday.  On the 26th Robbie was invited to go to the cubs year end party.  He made the choice to go to cubs so on the 27th we went to Montana's.  Robbie did not want them to sing as he had been sung to twice already.  He did want to wear the hat though.  Daddy tried it on as well.

Last day of Grade 2

Robbie's last day of grade 2 was the day after his birthday.  He will miss being in class with Mrs Dochuk but he is looking forward to grade 3.

Grade 3

In September Robbie started grade 3.  Time has flown by.  On the second day of school we found out that Robbie would be in a split class of grades 3 and 4.  We were happy to know that if he was in a split class at least he was the one in the lower grade.  I was in a 2/3 and 5/6 split classes so I knew some of the challenges that will be happening this year.

Aunt Viola and Uncle Doug

Aunt Viola and Uncle Doug came to visit Uncle Doug's son and so they dropped in for a visit.  Does Uncle Doug look like anyone famous?