Monday, December 20, 2010

Surgery Update

Since it has been almost two weeks since the surgery I think it is time to update.

From the moment I came home I felt better then I thought I would.  I was sore but not in pain.  It was a great feeling!  By the saturday I was out of the house.  I didn't do much, sat around while Sean grocery shopped.  I was out driving myself about 4 days post-op.  Within a week I was off pain meds!  What a nice feeling.

As of today I am feeling good.  I tire easily at times but I am trying to pace myself better.

I will be going back to work January 3rd, unless the insurance company fights me on it.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


As I have posted (way too many times) I have been in pain for what seems forever.  I had surgery booked for February 9th.  On thursday I received a call from my surgeon's office, would I like to have my surgery on December 8th?   I was saying "yes" before the nurse could finish :D

Unfortunately that is Robbie's Christmas concert but I will try and see the morning session and Sean will video the evening one for me.

I am excited to have the surgery done but I am nervous as well.  I have not slept well the last few nights as I contemplate what can happen.  The most important thing is to verify what is wrong, probably endometriosis, and get it fixed.  I keep wondering though what if the doctor was to find nothing?  Crazy I know but I still think it.

The surgeon that will be doing the laprascopy thinks I can get pregnant right away.  Sean and I talked about it and we will try for another baby until Robbie's birthday.  If I am not pregnant then we will give up on having another baby and will go ahead with adoption.

3 more sleeps until the surgery, good thing I am done Christmas shopping!