Friday, April 27, 2012

Ten Years Ago Today...

I married my best friend!

Our wedding was at 11:30 am at Bearspaw Chapel and we were married by Bishop Lust (my dad did not think that his last name was appropriate for a Bishop).  It was Bishop Lust's first wedding to preside over and everything took 5 minutes total (walk down the aisle, service, exchange of rings, walk back down the aisle...).  We were just happy to be married.

One thing I really remember Sean saying as we prepared for our wedding is that he really liked that I talked more about our marriage then the wedding day.  Even then I knew that the wedding was one day, our marriage if we wanted it to last forever would take work.

This past year I was not sure if we would make it to today.  Having Bailey die and the stress it caused, health issues (which never seem to leave me), Sean's mom, and then everyday stresses put a toll on us.  We never stopped loving one another but I wondered if we could live together.  But here we are.

Usually on a 10th anniversary the wife will receive a new ring.  I received mine early as I am a brat.  I had always figured that I would get something like my wedding band and wear the three rings together.  As things got worse with Joyce (Sean's mom) I no longer wanted to be wearing her rings (she constantly reminded me that they were HER rings).  So we bought a new ring for me.  It is not a traditional wedding band but I wanted a ring with sapphires (would have been my choice for an engagement ring) and found a ring that I love at Costco.  Sean then complained that since my new ring was white gold it no longer matched his ring.  So at Christmas I bought him a new ring.

These are not great pictures but here are our new rings:

 Today Robbie will go to a family from church and Sean and I will spend the weekend in the Hollywood room at the Fantasyland Hotel.  We wanted to go for our wedding but had no money to do so.