Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Six plus Two Equals Heartache

Today is February 20th.   Today is a significant day in the lives of the Henderson family.

Six years ago today my dad died.  We were there and saw him the night before he passed away.  We had spent two weeks there.  We thought we were not going to make it to say our good-byes.  Dad died 24 hours before we were to fly back to Edmonton.  We changed our flights and stayed for the funeral.  It is hard to believe that Robbie was 20 months and took his first steps while staying at Joel and Rachel's house (the oldest of my nephews).  Now Robbie is almost 8.

Two years ago today we found out that I was pregnant with Bailey.  We were so excited and happy.  Little did we know that just 2 months later our hearts would be breaking in a way that we never thought possible.

Both Bailey and my dad will live on in my heart forever and I know there will be a time when my heart will not feel so broken.  I wish for that day now.

Rest in Peace Dad and Bailey.