Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This and That

Lots of different things going on in our home.

I am back at work. This week I am part-time and then next week I go back full-time. I am doing ok pain-wise. Once again the diagnosis was wrong I DO NOT have a bladder infection. My doctor thinks I may have a disease called Interstitial Cystitis. I see the Urologist on June 9th.

Robbie goes for his school immunizations on June 9th. I go for my tetanus booster then too. It is getting so close to Robbie starting school! May 3rd is the date of the lottery for the program that we want Robbie to get into. I really don't like that it is a random lottery. We have no doubt that he will pass the testing, he is way above the minimum requirements. Robbie is reading, doing math (including easy multiplication!), his vocabulary is huge. We have a smart cookie.

Sean will be staying home with Robbie for the summer. We figured that Sean's income wouldn't help a lot in the long run but his spending 4 months with Robbie is such a huge thing for Robbie.

Things are going pretty well in my life. The depression seems to be controlled. I am still struggling with a few things. Sean is back and forth with Robbie and church. The latest is Robbie going to church, but I know once I start taking Robbie to church Sean will be upset again. I really need to pray about it, not that I have been praying lately, I need to do better.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Memories

The earliest Easter memory that I have occurred before my adoption. I was "back home" (aka living with my birth mother). Children's Aid had given all 4 of us Easter baskets (I have no idea how I knew it was Children's Aid, I would have been 3). I dragged my basket EVERYWHERE! When I talked to my birth sisters about this memory they said I probably dragged the basket everywhere so they (my sisters) wouldn't eat my candy.

My next Easter memory was not so pleasant. I was 7. My sister Grace had made me a treasure hunt with clues to find my Easter presents (Grace has ALWAYS spoiled me). After finding everything I went to show my mom what the Easter Bunny had brought me. It was then my mom told me that my parents were getting a divorce. Thanks for ruining Easter mom! The other kids would come into the room to find out why I was crying. My parents told the 7 year old first!

The next Easter that I have memories of I was about 21. My dad decided that for Good Friday everyone was going to the zoo. What a big crowd that was! It was crazy, all the kids, babies. etc. The funniest part is when we got to the Lion enclosure. The Lion's were mating, my nieces and nephews all asked what was happening. They were told to "ask grampa". My dad was quite embarrassed. The idea of going to the zoo every Good Friday just did not catch on.

This Easter was cute. Robbie is very into any holiday, Easter was no exception. Robbie wanted to know where the Easter Bunny lived. I asked him where he thought the Easter Bunny lived. Robbie decided that the Easter Bunny lived on a planet called "Leapon" and it took 5 days by a special chocolate rocket ship to get to Earth. Pretty smart little guy! What was also funny is we decided to put coins in Robbie's eggs. I went to Sean to get some change. All he had was nine cents. Luckily Sean's friends were over and they gave Robbie some more money.

Waiting to see what the Easter Bunny brought:

The Loot:


"I am shooting my mom if she shows this when I am a teenager"