Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vacation is Over!

Tomorrow I go back to work after being off for 8 days. Yuck! I didnt get as much done as I wanted to. I need to get more cleaning done then I did.

I did get Robbie's hair re-cut today. He had it cut 2 weeks ago and the lady did a horrible job so I took him to the salon where I get my hair done. Much better. I need to get a picture of it, he is in bed so not tonight.

Next saturday (the 28th) we are finally getting our family pictures done as well as Robbie's 4th birthday ones. We also have Bruce's 90th birthday party (Bruce is Sean's mom's boyfriend), we are glad to have an excuse to be late.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Spa Day

My spa day actually started on Wednesday, November 11th. I went to make an appointment to get my hair done and while I was there I found out that my favourite "waxer" was there. I got my face waxed, it had been awhile so it was nice to get it done

Thursday I went and got my hair coloured and cut. I absolutely love it! Here is a picture.

Then Friday came. I took Robbie to daycare and then went to the Spa. First was a full body massage. It was so wonderful. It felt much longer then an hour, not that it was bad, very relaxing. We did find a few tender spots but when I was done I felt so good. Next was my facial. I had never had a professional facial before. It felt really, really nice. I am not sure what all was done but it felt good. Next was my pedicure, I LOVE getting peridcures. My feet feel so nice afterwards. Robbie keeps asking why I have purple toes : ) I then had a light lunch. After lunch was my manicure. I am not so big on manicures, mostly because I chip my nails too easily (case in point, my nail polish chipped today) but it was still nice to have done. Again Robbie questions my purple nails. I was at the spa from 9-3! I left feeling really nice and pampered. It was a wonderful birthday gift.

Sean is a wonderful and very thoughtful husband. It was so nice to have a day to feel pampered and spoiled. I will have to come up with something very special for his 40th, of course I have 6 years to prepare!

Friday night and all day saturday I went to a Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers class. I learned some ways to be a better mommy.