Friday, January 13, 2012

I Chose My Marriage

We have been having a lot of martial issues. They started in October and since that time twice I was going to leave. The second time I even rented an apartment. I did not really want to divorce Sean - I love him so much. Loving is the easy part, it is the living that is the hard part.

In December I went to Ontario. The plan being that when I returned I would be moving. While I was away we were able to talk about things. We are slowly working things out and getting back to normal.

That being said...I chose my marriage. I have made changes in my life to strengthen my marriage. Not everyone will understand the choices but that is ok. The choices I have made are mine, Sean was shocked by some of them, and I chose them freely.

Why do I post this here? Because I know there are people who will not understand my choices - no, I am not going into details. There are people who will judge me but their judgement does not matter. What matters to me is my family.

I love Sean and Robbie and that is what matters in the decisions I have made.