Friday, September 4, 2009

On Turning 40

It was funny how I didn't mind turning 40. I actually looked forward to it. I didn't want to turn 30 but 40 I was ok with. Maybe it is because my life is so much more settled now. I am married to a wonderful husband and I have a beautiful son. Life is pretty good.

Sean bought me a spa package for my birthday. I am so spoiled. Joyce (my mother-in-law) bought me some clothes for work (she took me shopping). I also received gift cards for Walmart and the movies.

I tried to have a birthday party but that was a flop. Only one of my friends showed up and 4 of Sean's (who come here every saturday night anyways). I was pretty upset but I am mostly over it now.

Robbie's First Dentist Appointment

On August 25th Robbie had his first dentist appointment. Mommy was at work so daddy made sure to take some pictures. Robbie was a little scared of the chair moving so they didn't tilt it back. The dentist basically just counted Robbie's teeth and noticed that there are no signs of any cavities. I later asked Robbie how many teeth he has and he told me 10!