Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So, my old whiplash injury has flared up.  It hurts to turn my head, actually it hurts if I move my head in the slightest.  Not fun.  I am on pretty good meds now which are helping with pain and movement but not with dealing with life - try sleeping, cleaning, cooking when it hurts to move your head :(

Women and Anger:  So, this weekend - friday night and all day Saturday I am taking a course on Women and Anger.  I am hopeful that it will help me learn to deal with my anger.  I will post things that I learn after the class is over.

Frustration:  1) We had to go to Walmart this evening to buy Sean a new watch, new steel toe running shoes and a few other things.  Robbie was a brat!  The rules we have had when shopping have not changed but Robbie broke all of them and then would question "why".  The answer to why is we are the parents, deal with it!!!  I have told him that if the next time we go shopping if he acts up then he will have to start staying home with a babysitter and the money to pay for the babysitter will come out of his allowance!  2) my friend is having both money and kid issues.  I really feel like she wants me to tell her to come and live with us.  Her 12 year old is a brat (massive temper tantrums several times a day, does not listen, screams and yells all day) and I would kill her if she lived here.  I am pissed off that my friend is always whining about money - I am on disability and have not seen any money since mid-March.  She buys crap constantly instead of paying her bills and I am supposed to care.  She said her kid is suicidal, I gave her phone numbers of how to get help, does she do anything about it...of course not.  She can whine to me about it.  I am sick of being used by her!  She owes me money and claimed the amount she owes me in her bankruptcy (her first one just ended in April and here she is again....) yet she can afford to take craft classes and buy craft stuff.  I am really tired of it.

I do have some GOOD NEWS.  Last week I had a job interview for a financial analyst for a Plastic making company.  Today I got a phone call saying I am a finalist and will have a phone interview tomorrow afternoon!  This would take a whole lot of stress off of me and Sean.

I should learn tomorrow about my disability and if it has been approved.  I really hope so.  Then we will find out when we will get our money.  I should be getting about $2400/month.  If they back-date things to March I should get $16,000 right away but they may not start paying until June but that would still be good.


Leslie said...

Oh, ouch, sorry about your neck and your stress.