Thursday, September 25, 2008

10 Pounds !!

So, I did my weigh-in on wednesday as I was sick on tuesday. I lost another 2 lbs! So from when I stated weight watchers I have lost 10lbs! Yeah Me!!

I am feeling pretty good about work. I am learning another section of the job, which is really easy. I am actually very bored by it all. Sean started working for Costco in the electronics department. It means that some nights I pick up Robbie and do supper and bed on my own. I am happy that Sean found something he likes, I think he was getting discouraged about not working.

I went to see my doctor, I think the depression is returning so he upped my meds a little and I will see him in two weeks to see if things have improved.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First weigh-in

Today is the first weigh-in day for Dr Phil's challenge. I havent weighed myself yet, I hate weighing myself just after eating. It has now been two hours since I ate supper and soon I will go and step on the scales. I am not expecting any weight loss at this point in the game.

I am making healthier food choices. I also make sure that I have snacks at work so I dont eat the chips and candy that are every where. I did have a sugarless Worther's candy today, I was happy that I stopped at one.

Work is going well, today I learned a new task that was super easy. I took Dr Phil's Weight Loss Solution with me today to read at lunch. I am now working on key #2 and I cant remember what it is about at the moment. Oh right, emotional eating, which I am VERY guilty of. I am trying really hard not to eat out of boredom or stress.

We are still waiting to hear about Sean's interviews from last week...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dr Phil's Weight Loss Challenge

Yesterday I started Dr Phil's weight loss challenge. I have started to read Dr Phil's weight loss book (have NEVER finished it). Right now I am at the section of making goals. So here are my goals:

1. On September 12, 2009 I will have lost 100lbs. I currently weigh 273lbs so in one year time I will weigh 173lbs.
I will complete this goal by:
a) making healthy food choices
b)drinking at least 1L of WATER per day
c)walking more; walking to the farther bus stop, taking a walk at lunch
d)eating 3 meals plus two snacks per day
e)weighing myself once per week on the Wii Fit

2. I will stop thinking negatively about weight loss. I can and will loss weight. I am no longer going to blame my PCOS for slow weight loss but I am going to work with it. I know there are things that can help with weight loss and I will do those things.
a)when I find myself making excuses I will stop and write down the reasons I am obese - eating too much, not exercising, etc.

Monday, September 8, 2008

First Day

It is ironic that I started a new job in September when I have always felt that September represents new beginnings. I guess that after being a student for so long that it makes sense to me that the new year starts in September and not January.

The day went by fairly slowly and I was happy to see 5pm. For the rest of the week I will be working 9:00-5:30 with an hour for lunch. While we are still at our old location we can dress "casual" for wednesday to friday with monday and tuesday being business casual. We move to the new location October 17th (I think that is the date we were given). We got our computer logins and learned a little about the systems we will use. Within the next three months we will be expected to do 25 "statements" per day. I did 2 in about 30 minutes today so I expect that I will be up to expectations by then. After 3 months we need to do 35 statements.

There are 5 others that started with me, one of the girls has a different postion then the rest of us. It seems like a good crowd to work with. I met my manager for a few minutes. Right now I am training with another team but will get switched over to my team. Once I transfer to my team I will be working 10:00 - 6:00.

I will see how things continue but so far so good.