Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

So, the answer to the last post is "no". Right now I have too many money issues to deal with. I have friends that I will be accountable with and that is good for now.

My agenda for 2009 is to be healthy. I am not starting the new year on too good of a health note but I dont mean healthy from colds and such (although that would be nice too). I want to be mentally healthy, I want to do a better job at eating healthy, I want more movement in my life (ie. exercise) and I want to be a healthy mommy.

Today was the last of three solid days of having Robbie at home. Yesterday was horrible, while I didnt lose it I felt like I was going to. Today was much better, Robbie slept in later and that probably helped both of us to have a good day.

Sean is home tomorrow so that will be a nice start to 2009. We had a talk last night and it still amazes me how understanding of my depression Sean is. I am sure that by now most men would have run away, I am on my third major depressive episode since we got together, yet Sean stays patient with me and wishes there is more that he could do to help me. I am a very lucky woman and I remind myself of that every day.

Now here is to getting healthy in 2009!


Kate :-) said...

Good for you, Mags! You will be successful, I know you will.

My resolution is to Let Go. I blogged about it.

Lean on Sean as much as you need to. I remember my first (sadly of a few) depression with Ian. I didn't want to get out of bed each day. Ian would patiently wait until I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back, the bed was made and my clothes were all laid out on the freshly made bed, right down to stockings and shoes. Bless his heart, I always matched.

May this year bring you the freedom you seek, and that you are working so hard for. Just remember, through Christ, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!